Ouchhh Studio is proud to present you Immersive Ai data painting experience that is shaped by the result of the profound research and development process investigating the emergence of new artist-scientist and machine collaborations. Poetic Ai Exhibition, where all possible worlds coexist with equal reality; It consists of 6 interconnected collections that including with physics, cosmology, neuroscience, ancient civilization of humankind. Visitors will experience the transformation of valuable data into art in collaboration with artificial intelligence, which triggers a series of metaverses where all physical reality is actually only a part of our universe.
Ouchhh has a dream about secret codes of cosmic multidimensional hybrid universes made by AI without physical architectural boundaries. Thus, Artists will use data as a paint, algorithm as a brush in the suppositional self-sufficient plane of existence that exists with the consciousness of the Ai metaverse created by itself. Visitors will open the doors of the metaverse in the physical world by experiencing the information architecture of all potential artificial intelligence-based consciousnesses that create their own reality, which has provided resources for humanity and the universe.

3 Segments

Poetic AI

An A.I consciousness poetically refracting millions of lines of theoretic works about light, space-time, physics, and more

AI Renaissance

An evolution and reinterpretation of italian artists masterworks through A.I.

AI Scientific

An exploration into the world’s oldest and most ancient origins through A.I harvested data

Meet the artist

Eylül & Ferdi Alıcı / Ouchhh Founders and Creative Directors


A globally recognized creative new media studio, which for the last 10 years has pioneered and lead the way in creating cutting-edge, creatively innovative data paintings and sculptures. Using a mind-driven approach, Ouchhh discovers new technological models to reflect a variety of context and experiences which stem in the philosophy that “the roots of art, science, and echnology are mysterious”.